About Us



GENIUM is a company dedicated to the idea of updating and maximizing human potential. We use the latest methods, concepts and techniques and a multidisciplinary approach. We have only satisfied customers, thanks to professionals who are part of a team dedicated to performance – we are characterized by our passion, enthusiasm, experience and continuous improvement. Our key concept is that of a "boutique de creativite", a place where each experience is unique and every product is specifically designed for each client!



CARMEN TODOR, MD, MSc: for 18 years Carmen worked as a psychiatrist and studied business management, as well; she is an author, NLP MasterTrainer, MasterCoach & WingWave Coach, Certified Business Trainer & Certified Business Coach, with mediation competencies.

Carmen is fascinated about performance and communication, two fields where the psychological dimension is extremely important. Through coaching, training and consultancy, she likes to be part of the growth process, in successful individuals and teams, leaders and organizations.

She is founder of the Romanian Society of Coaching (SRC), president of the Romanian Association of NLP (ARONLP) and vicepresident of the European Association of NLP.


ALEXANDRU VANA, PhD: was formed in the early 90s at the center ENS - GSI - operational management school of the National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine, Nancy, France, where he completed his PhD. He then high-specialized in USA during a 5-year internship, practicing advanced operational management in projects developed at the headquarters of Johnson Controls Inc. - Road in Plymouth, Michigan.

Until 2008 Alex actually practiced management techniques based on Lean - Kaizen and Six Sigma in various leadership positions in Romanian and multinational companies. He was the project manager and applying Lean – Kaizen techniques created a substantial advantage.

After 2008 Alex has dedicated himself to management consulting and training in the fields of Project Management, Lean - Kaizen & Six Sigma. He led system implementation projects of Lean - Kaizen in Romanian and multinational companies in various industries: automotive, electronics, wood, ceramics, textiles, composites.

CORINA RUSU, PhD: Associate Professor, PhD in management, Corina is our partner in the consulting and mentoring areas of management, sales and HR development. With over 8 years in management consultancy and over 15 years of teaching in higher education, Corina has the skills & experience to help you make real and lasting progress in your business.




 JENS THOMAS, PhD, president of German Society of NLP, is one of the top 10 trainers of Germany, a leading communication expert and a master in using convincing strategies in international meetings, conferences and negotiations. Jens Tomas is well known for his effective and cheerful teaching and training methods. Millions of people watched his work, visions and results when he worked as coach in the TV programme ‘Hard to place’ on ProSieben. Now, he is back on TV with his new broadcasting ‘Help by the expert’. Dr. Tomas is a best-selling author and the ideal person from which you can learn the art and the tehnique of professional negotiation.






Noble Manhattan: is a major British company specialized in coaching, with which we have the great pleasure to collaborate on projects dedicated to increasing managerial efficiency.


Coaching Essence: is a company from Bucharest, which has set the wonderful goal to provide coaching trainings, on the Romanian market, and to help promote coaching of good quality. They invite you to study, explore and deepen the field of coaching in a professional way!


 Kaizen Institute: we recommend you to discover the force ofKaizen`s Japanese system of management! We recommend to all our customers to consult with experts from the Kaizen Institute Romania when they propose to put an equal sign between management and the success of their company. With top clients, the Institute - led by Julien Bratu, Ph.D - is one of the emblematic representatives of Romanian companies that provide services to the highest international standards.