Innobranding empowers the main components of your brand – the branding actions & the human resources – aligning them with the mission, vision and values of your business.


Innobranding interconnects your brand to your people and turns them into transformational agents acting further.


Innobranding approaches your brand hollisticaly, taking into consideration all the brand communicators – people, the members of the company as well as its partners & brand communications materials and projects – offering the solutions ti create or reinforce your brand in a way the increases your market awareness and profit.




A company with strong inner power, with loyal emplyees empowered to transform your other publics

Precious & Strong Image

An integrated communication on all levels and in all the media increasing/creating a positive brand awareness.


The vision and the mission of the company are expressed in your employees’ behavior as well as in all communications actions.


A powerful brand which ensures Profitability, Rentability, Viability to your business.



Nowadays, the humanocentric approach and the responsibility of brands are the major keys to the profitability of companies.

Valuable Companies are not autonomous and solitary operators in a market, they are part of a net of loyal partners – employees, suppliers, distributors, dealers etc. If the companies carefully chooses its partners and their aims are harmonized, together they may become an important competitor in the market. To reach this objective, the company and its partners have to share the same mission and vision and to believe in the same values.

Innobranding offers an integrated formula to increase the profit of the companies by creating superior values for its clients, partners and employees, by considering them as a strategical starting point, and approaching them as total & powerful human beings.''


Innobranding is a Sympas - Genium product.