NLP Trainings


Each day of our life can be lived differently. Each day can provide immeasurable opportunities if you are observant enough and every day you can provide at least as much, if you become aware of how much you have to offer.

Our NLP training offer, for you, is complete. It includes all four levels: Practitioner, Master, Coach and Trainer, for which is receiving national and international diplomas. The courses have some of the highest quality standards through its content and mode of teaching and benefit from a combination, unique in Romania, of experience and innovation. Participation in such training is a great opportunity, participants say, because it offers an incredibly fun and exciting way to get into your inner world, in an eminently practical and efficient mode, and to discover ethical ways to access the inner world of others, to understand them better. The warm and friendly atmosphere, from these courses, full of knowledge, humor and games and - why not - a little mystery and fascination, is the characteristic of our NLP training. Unlimited access to the resources of the subconscious and conscious mind! The pleasure of communicating openly and with visible results and expectations and to bring to light what is good and valuable in your being!


Are you part of the new generation of people, tired of mediocrity and focused on the development of their own potential? Who understood the need for optimism, as a way of life, and creative intelligence, as a way to communicate with your self and with others? During these trainings you will learn, for example:

If the answer is yes, then surely neuro-linguistic programming is suitable for you, and will probably become one of those people who look inside their selfs with delight and gratitude.

NEW! The courses have, from now on, a new structure! The practitioner develops in 8 week-ends (each of three days) during the interval of one year. It can't be more simple than that!